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Introducing Algepower Inc and our patented all-season anywhere Algeponics® farm.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Montpelier, Vermont, Algepower is a producer of sustainable, renewable algoil and algae by-products.  Our patented Algeponics® system works year-round in cost effective and enclosed photobioreactor facilities. Algeponics® systems are scalable, efficient and adaptable for all-weather use almost anywhere on earth.

The Algeponics® system is a controlled environment for growing microalgae in the nutrient rich wastewater from anaerobic digesters.   With its patented technology, Algepower Inc. provides solutions to the challenges of waste remediation and cost-effective renewable energy production.   Algoil can be used instead of plant seed oils as a bioenergy feedstock, providing Algepower’s customers with abundant and affordable “bio-crude” oil, leading to significant reductions in demand for fossil fuels.  Uses for algae by-products include high protein animal and fish feed, fertilizers, bio-based chemicals, ethanol and cosmetics.   In addition, the Algeponics® technology has a positive environmental impact and integrates well with pre-existing fuel, feed and agricultural infrastructure.

Our mission is to be a leading global producer of renewable, sustainable algoil feedstock and by-products, and to build, own and operate waste-to-energy Algeponics® systems around the world.   With our strategic partners, Algepower Inc., is helping to build community-based systems that reduce dependency on fossil fuels for a cleaner and healthier world.


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